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When customers need cash in a hurry, they should check out what Rapid Cash can do for them. Since 1997, Rapid Cash has been providing emergency cash services to customers in many states. Rapid Cash recognized that there was a need to provide customers with small consumer loans, and today Rapid Cash is a recognized financial service company known for its high quality service.

Rapid Cash provides service with a recognizable difference. Customers are pleased with the safe, clean and professional environment Rapid Cash provides for them. Rapid Cash is different from their competitors in that they design and invest in making their storefronts attractive to customers. The company's stores have professional and knowledgeable staff and have a commitment to serving the community in which the store is based.

Rapid Cash knows that their customers are hard working honest people that rely on the services of Rapid Cash to help them make sound financial decisions. Everyone needs some extra cash sometimes, and Rapid Cash is there to provide that service in a timely manner.

The goal of Rapid Cash is to be of service to the community. Therefore Rapid Cash often sponsors church groups and local sports teams to provide assistance to them in their fundraising campaigns. Rapid Cash also recognizes the importance of child safety and offers a free Child Identification Kit to parents and guardians.

Rapid Cash believes in operating in an ethical manner, treating its customers with the respect and fairness they deserve. The standards of Rapid Cash exceed those of the "Best Practices" of the industry, and the company's culture is focused on the customer.

Products and Services of Rapid Cash

Rapid Cash has professional staff who are waiting to serve customers with friendliness and professionalism in a confidential and safe environment. It does not matter why the customer needs the extra money: for an emergency, to pay bills or for other needs. Rapid Cash can provide customers with a short-term loan for any reason.

The types of loans that Rapid Cash provides include payday loans, signature loans, and title loans. Rapid Cash also provides check cashing services, sale of stamps and money orders, sending wire transfers and providing fax services. Depending on the state in which customers live, they not be able to avail themselves of the full range of the services offered by Rapid Cash because of the laws of the specific state.

Customers can contact Rapid Cash by telephone at 1-800-263-4574. They can also contact Rapid Cash by mail or in person at:
Rapid Cash
3527 N. Ridge Road
Wichita, KN 67205