Montana Cash Loans

In Montana there are many cash advance loan options to help solve those financial emergencies that could pop up between paychecks. You could drive to a cash advance store in your area, or apply for a loan at a bank. A fast and secure way to get the emergency cash you need is to go to; your emergency cash can be in your account in an hour or less.

Financial emergencies can take you by surprise at the most inopportune times. When your car needs those vital repairs or that medical emergency demands immediate attention, there is often not time to fill out lengthy bank loan applications or hunt through your area for a cash store.

There’s no need to wait until your next paycheck to take care of your financial emergency - a cash advance loan is just a click away. Residents in most states can take advantage of’s reliable, confidential and secure service. Simply APPLY NOW online or contact us today!

State Law

Montana has laws on the book that specifically target the authorization of cash advance loans. State law requires cash advance lenders to be licensed. Borrowers may not have more than two outstanding payday loans at a time as long as the total does not surpass the $300 maximum loan. The practice of loan splitting (dividing one loan in half and then charging fees for both loans) is strictly prohibited. Payday advance lenders may not pursue criminal action against a borrower.

Maximum Loan

A borrower can request up to $300 plus fees in payday loan funds. A cash advance loan cannot be greater than 25% of a borrower's gross monthly income. $300 is the maximum payday advance loan, excluding fees, allowed by law providing that the borrow does not request more than 25% of the consumer’s gross monthly income.

Loan Terms

Loan terms vary - they can be anywhere from 4 to 31days.


State law does not permit extensions or rollovers.

Fee Limits

Finance fees cannot exceed 25% of the total amount borrowed.

Montana Cash Loan Debate

If you feel a payday lender is operating unfairly or engaging in illegal collection practices, you can contact your Montana Attorney General:

Office of the Attorney General – Consumer Protection
2225 11th Avenue
PO Box 200151
Helena, MT 59620-0151