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A subsidiary of Cash America International Inc. (NYSE "CSH"), CashNetUSA has become a leading provider of fast cash online for customers in need of a payday loan. Cash America International, publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, specializes in providing financial services to a segment of the population that was previously neglected by the banking sector. Cash America leads the industry in providing secured non-recourse lending with its network of locations and subsidiary companies throughout the company. CashNetUSA, as part of the Cash America group of companies, is proud to be able to offer customers payday loans with the security and trustworthiness customers want and deserve.

The following list of options customers receive with CashNetUSA will tell customers why so many choose CashNet USA.

Customers can apply for a loan and manage their account completely online. CashNetUSA is aware that its customers lead busy lives. Therefore, CashNetUSA has a website for the convenience of its customers so that they have access at anytime from anywhere. It only takes a few minutes to apply for a payday loan. Customers can also review documents pertaining to their loans, view the history of their transactions and make necessary changes to their personal or contact information. Plus, if they do need additional help, CashNetUSA professional staff are available through the telephone, email or live chat 24 / 7.

Customers do not need to fax any documents to CashNetUSA, and CashNetUSA provides instant approval when customers apply online. CashNetUSA knows that when customers need an advance on their pay that it is probably an emergency, so they need an answer right away. About 85% of the applications receive instant approval so that the customers do not have a wait time. An instant response also translates into less hassle for customers, meaning that they can devote their time to their lives and families.

Customers will find CashNetUSA licensed in more states that any of the other online providers of payday loans. CashNetUSA prides itself on always treating customers with respect and fairness. CashNetUSA lets them know that they have their best interests at heart and that the company understands their needs. Because CashNetUSA is licensed, they do adhere to state rules for the lending industry and they do have a strong track record of satisfied customers.

Every transaction and communication with CashNetUSA is held in the strictest confidence. Customers do not have to visit a location where their friends can see them going inside, Nor do customers have to provide a lengthy explanation as to why they need to borrow money. All transactions are completed electronically. Customers can apply for a loan from the comfort of their home at any time of the day or night and the money is deposited into their checking account.

If customers are worried about the online security of CashNetUSA, then they can be assured that the information they submit is completely safe. The website upholds the SSL technology required by the industry and abides by a strict privacy policy. Customer information will never be resold or become part of the public domain.

CashNetUSA likes to form long-term relationships with its customers. Therefore, CashNetUSA also provides larger loan amounts. Every time customers repay the loan on time, they receive a positive mark on their CashNetUSA credit record. This enables customers to obtain larger loan amounts the next time they apply for an online loan. This provides CashNetUSA customers with greater financial flexibility.

CashNetUSA also has a program for exclusive preferred members. As a member of this program customers can take advantage of many kinds of rewards, benefits, customer service and up to 30% off their finance charges.

Additional Information About CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA is also a community minded company. Along with providing payday loans and services to individuals, the company also provides a community service in the way of financial advice, help and news about lending, being a responsible borrower and how to build a good credit rating.

On October 29, 2007, CashNetUSA released its earnings report. This report supports CashNetUSA's claim of being the largest online provider of payday loans.

As a subsidiary of Cash America since 2005, the earnings and financial reports for CashNetUSA have been grouped with that of the parent company. This includes the storefront locations of Cash America that offer cash advances to customers. However, with the release of the October report, customers are now able to see how large CashNetUSA actually is. The numbers now support the claims that not only is the company the most licensed lender in the country, but it now enjoys the status of being the largest and the one most customers trust.