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National Payday is one of the oldest electronic paycheck advance and payday loan companies in the country. Customers can fill out the National Payday electronic form today and receive their check advance tomorrow. Customers can receive their funds within 24 business hours, and customers don't have to leave the comfort and privacy of their home or office. As a premier cash advance lender, National Payday can assist customers through a payday loan. Receiving a paycheck loan has never been easier. Customers should not worry if they are not computer savvy; the site is easy to use. All customers have to do is apply. Customers don't even have to fax any documents.

Getting a payday loan is fast and easy. Customers don't have to worry about a credit check. Customers qualify for a fast cash payday loan regardless of bad credit or no credit at all. Cash advances from National Payday are available today up to $400. Customers may qualify for higher payday loans on subsequent applications. National Payday has simplified the application process for their convenience. National Payday understands that time is valuable, and therefore doesn't want to take up any more of customers' time than necessary. Customers should keep in mind that if they apply for a National Payday loan during business hours today, they can have the funds in their account as soon as tomorrow or the next business day. Customers should feel free to consult the National Payday FAQ page if they have any questions, or need additional details regarding payday loans. If customers don't find answers to their questions, customers can contact National Payday through an online form. National Payday will gladly answer their questions, or address any concerns customers may have concerning the check cashing business.

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National Payday operates Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST. Although National Payday is closed on federal holidays, customers still have access to the online application. Customers can request a payday loan or cash advance any day, at any time.

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Get A Payday Loan With National Payday

National Payday makes it possible for customers to apply online and have their money in their account in one business day. Even though a payday loan is not the best financial solution, it can save their life if customers are in a difficult situation. Customers can use a payday loan for a number of things. For example, customers can use it to advance their business, start an affiliate online business, or for advertising purposes. Payday loans are not the perfect solution, but an option when customers need access to some quick cash.

National Payday hopes that customers will seek assistance from National Payday when they need a cash advance or payday loan. National Payday provides the best solutions for cash flow problems. Customers can obtain the emergency cash they need to tide them over to their next paycheck through National Payday's online payday services. Regardless of their reason for needing money, the quick and easy check cashing service of National Payday gives customers the help they need when they need it.

How Does National Payday Work?

All of National Payday's services are electronic. All customers need to do is go to the National Payday website and fill out the application form. Customers will have the funds in their account once the application is approved. This process normally takes one business day. National Payday understands that customers may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to apply for a payday loan if they have never requested one before. Customers want to keep it confidential. This is why an online application process is much more convenient and appealing to National Payday customers.

Remember, there are no fees on the first payday loan with National Payday company as long as customers pay the full amount on the maturity date.

How Much Can Customers Borrow From National Payday?

The first time customers apply for a loan, they qualify for a cash advance loan of $100, $200, $300, or $400. After the first loan, a customer may qualify for up to $1,000. However, customers will need to qualify for the higher amount at the time they apply.

What Are The Requirements For A Payday Loan?

Unlike conventional loans, customers don't need collateral, and there is no credit check. All customers need is a checking account (open for more than one month). Customers also need to be making at least $1,000 per month. In view of the fact that some lending companies require collateral, National Payday's terms make it possible for most consumers to qualify. Some business owners and contractors may wonder how they can show proof of income.

When Do Customers Pay Back The Loan?

Payment is due on the next payday. In the meantime, customers can make payments or wait to pay until the due date. Customers can log into their online account and choose the payment option they prefer. Customers then enter their checking information. If their next payday falls within five days of their loan, customers can opt to skip that date and make the due date on their next payday. In this case, customers are given a total of 16 days to repay their loan.

How Much Does National Payday Cost?

The loan fee is $25 per $100 borrowed or 25% of the loan amount. The high fees show that payday loans should not be the first option when customers need a loan. Nonetheless, this type of loan is legal and can serve as a quick fix for a financial problem when customers can't get a credit card. Even though 25 percent may seem like a lot of money to pay on interest rates, keep in mind that this type of loan involves higher risk, and the company could incur higher losses if loans are not repaid.

It's important to understand the terms and conditions clearly before signing the contract. Customers will receive a few hundred dollars, which they will need to pay back as soon as customers receive their next paycheck. For example, if customers take out a $400 loan, they will need to pay back $500 out of their next paycheck.

National Payday is extending an incredible offer to all new customers. Customers won't need to pay any fees on their very first payday loan. This is a legitimate opportunity to use someone else's money without paying any fees. First time customers can receive a loan of up to $300. There won't be a charge as long as customers pay it back on their next payday.