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At My Payday Loan, customers can receive a free bad credit loan if they are using the My Payday Loan service for the first time. My Payday Loan online cash advance loans can be done online, making their life simpler and easier. My Payday Loan does not require anything to be faxed, making the process one of the simplest ones out there for a cheap loan. Customers can get their cash the very next day when they apply for a free cash advance loan. My Payday Loan friendly customer service staff will answer any and all questions customers may have regarding no fax payday loans. If customers are in the United Kingdom, they may also check out the My Payday Loan payday loan service there. For quick and easy solutions to their money troubles, customers will find that My Payday Loan can help them out tremendously.

To get a My Payday Loan:

  • - Their checking account has to be 3 months or more old
  • - Customers must make at least $1000 in net pay at their current employer

Reasons for Denial of a My Payday Loan:

  • - Bankruptcy that has been filed within the past year
  • - Multiple bankruptcies
  • - Customers have been working less than 5 months at their current job
  • - Customers have unpaid cash advance loans or unpaid bounced checks
  • - Customers have just opened their checking account
  • - Their checking account has many NSF/Overdraft fees in it
  • - Their net income for the month is below $1000.00
  • - If any information, such as reference or phone numbers, is invalid
  • - My Payday Loan cannot verify information, such as their employer or bank account
  • - Customers are paid monthly and not weekly or bi-weekly

My Payday Loan strives to maintain an online cash advance service where customers can get the money they need, quickly and confidentially. My Payday Loan is here for its customers, understanding their needs and keeping the My Payday Loan website friendly and easily navigated. My Payday Loan will try its hardest to keep customers happy and satisfied, with the hope of keeping their business. My Payday Loan knows that a happy customer tells their family and friends, which brings in more business; therefore, My Payday Loan wants to keep everyone as happy as possible. My Payday Loan wants to be the number one cash advance lender on the Internet, and is working towards this goal through hard work, excellent customer service and dedication to clientele.