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When customers are looking for a loan that is short-term, and do not want a credit check run, they should come to My Cash Now. My Cash Now will be happy to do business with customers. My Cash Now is always looking for better ways to improve the quality of trust and confidence among its customers.

The goal of My Cash Now is to give customers fast and simple personal cash advance loans. My Cash Now strives to give customers the best possible service. My Cash Now is also committed to using the best safety measures so that customers' privacy is well guarded when My Cash Now gets them a payday loan.

My Cash Now maintains a high level of standards in the hopes of encouraging financial responsibility within its customers. My Cash Now also understands that financial problems are not all that is going on within customers' lives. It is important to understand that My Cash Now is looking out for customers' best interests, and not just money-wise. My Cash Now has also included a link that some may find useful when coming upon life's daily problems.

Eligibility for a My Cash Now Loan

There are certain requirements to be eligible for a cash advance loan from My Cash Now. Customers have to be 18 years of age, have an active checking account for at least 90 days, and make the minimum required amount of $1000.00 a month. Their job must be a steady one, providing customers with income on a regular basis. To be eligible, customers should make sure that My Cash Now can reach them by phone and can also verify their place of employment.

Fees and Rates

Customers will find some of the best rates for payday loans on the Internet when they use My Cash Now. New customers may qualify to receive 50% off of the finance fee that is applied on their first cash advance loan. Credit checks are not required, and customers can get a cash advance whenever they need one, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Bonuses for Customers

At My Cash Now, customers will quickly see how the company takes care of its customers. My Cash Now uses a convenience program that can help customers get a payday loan quickly and easily. Customers can use a My Cash Card or a MoneyGram system. If customers use the My Cash Card, customers can get a loan and use their card like a debit card at the places they normally shop at. The MoneyGram is a system that allows customers to pick up cash at 16,000 locations throughout the United States, including big stores such as WalMart.

A referral program is also offered as an added incentive to My Cash Now customers. When customers tell their family and friends about My Cash Now, and they sign up and are approved for a loan, customers can get $100.00, quickly and easily!

Minimum Requirements to Get a Loan

Customers have to be 18 years or older to get a My Cash Now loan. Their checking account must be open and been in use for at the very minimum of 90 days. Customers must have a job, and their current checking account should show that customers make a minimum of $1000 a month. Their phone number needs to be current and verifiable. My Cash Now will also talk to their present employer so that the company can verify customers' employment.

How Does it Work?

First, customers apply for a loan with My Cash Now. Then, their money is electronically deposited into their checking account, usually overnight, if customers are approved. Customers will be debited from their account when their loan payment becomes due, for the amount customers borrowed, plus all interest rates that customers have agreed upon. After their initial cash advance, My Cash Now we will then offer customers many ways to receive cash the next time they need a loan. For more information on this, click the MoneyGram or My Cash Card section on the My Cash Now website.

With My Cash Now, customers can also get an extension if they are unable to make their payment back. Customers can extend their payment up to three times if they need to, and customers will only have to pay off the finance charge and whatever fees are due at that time. If customers need an extension after the third time, My Cash Now will add an additional $50.00 toward the principal amount, which is for loans under $500.00. If their loan amount is over $500.00, then an additional fee of $100.00 will be applied, and remember, these fees are in addition to their regular finance charges. If their loan extends past 27 days, then My Cash Now requires that customers pay double the amount of their original payment.

It is important to realize that by extending their loan repeatedly, customers may put themselves in financial trouble. My Cash Now uses the extension program as a means to help our customers, and not to bring on more debt. Customers should read the extension rules and guidelines so that they fully understand the My Cash Now policy. If customers request an extension on their loan, customers must do so by 4:00 pm, Pacific Time, on the business day before their scheduled due date. This must be done or their extension will not go into effect.

Open Payday Loans Allowed with My Cash Now

Customers may only have one open account per household with My Cash Now. It takes four banking days for their final loan payment to clear and process.

What if Customers' Credit is Bad?

There are no credit checks performed when customers get a My Cash Now cash advance. What My Cash Now does is check for any unpaid advance loans through a system called Teletrak, but that is all My Cash Now does.

Can Customers Apply Over the Phone?

Yes! Call 1-866-392-2274 and My Cash Now representatives will help customers with the loan process.

Contacting My Cash Now

My Cash Now knows that there are questions and concerns customers may have. For that reason, My Cash Now has set up an online loan support system with representatives that can help customers answer any questions they may have. Call My Cash Now customer support for friendly help at 1-866-398-CASH.