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Mr. Payroll is located throughout the country, normally found in convenience stores. Mr. Payroll centers provide fast and convenient check cashing, bill paying, money transfer, and money orders among other services. Mr. Payroll currently operates in 20 states. While some Mr. Payroll sites are company owned, others are independently owned franchised locations. This combined method of operation has contributed to the growth of Mr. Payroll. Mr. Payroll sites are found at major oil company stores like Conoco, BP, Texaco, and Total. In addition, Mr. Payroll centers are hosted by regional operators like Toot 'n' Totum, Cracker Barrel, Allsups, EZ Mart, and Jet 24. Individuals and convenience store owners own the franchised centers. Mr. Payroll sites are an asset to the convenience store where they operate since their customers have access to cash while in the store.

Customers can expect to find a friendly cashier at each of these compact, secure units. This cashier helps local consumers with their financial needs with a proprietary computer system. Each transaction is performed quickly but with accuracy. It only takes less than a minute for repeat customers to cash their check. More financial services are currently being added to the Mr. Payroll system. Customers can find the signature Mr. Payroll red, white, and blue display at approximately 150 locations.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Mr. Payroll Corporation?

Mr. Payroll is a subsidiary of Cash America International, which is a NYSE company; its stock symbol is CSH. Mr. Payroll has the world's largest network of pawnshops, and is are a leader in the check cashing industry. Mr. Payroll was founded in 1988, so it has a record of integrity and trust in the communities in which it operates. Mr. Payroll cashes more than 2.5 million checks yearly with an annual volume of almost one billion dollars. The majority of Mr. Payroll franchised centers operates inside convenience stores owned independently, as well as by major national brands.

Mr. Payroll: Check Cashing Will Never Be the Same (1997)

A limited number of machines were manufactured in 1997. These are great for anyone needing to cash a check; they can just look for a Mr. Payroll machine. This is the retail and banking industries' most exciting idea in years. This new automated machine has check cashing and ATM capabilities without involving a cashier. What's even better, it does not represent any risk to customers. Mr. Payroll guarantees each cashed check 100 percent.

Mr. Payroll automated machines feature state-of-the-art engineering and proprietary software. They include a patented (still pending) operating system, which utilizes facial biometrics technology. This advanced security device works much like a fingerprint. It can read and recognize a person's face. This feature has led to decreased fraud, and Mr. Payroll customers feel more safe and secure.

Customers establish their identity with Mr. Payroll simply by answering a few brief questions and having their picture taken on their first visit. A telephone on the machine connects the customer with Mr. Payroll's Central Service Center. Customers are asked for their social security number, and that's it. They do not need any banking information, not even a license number. Once a customer's identity is established with Mr. Payroll, future check cashing takes only seconds. They will not be required to show a photo ID.

Mr. Payroll automated machines operate 24 hours a day. Mr. Payroll conveniently services night workers and busy consumers, as well as persons with financial emergencies. Anyone can have access to an ATM at any time. They do not have to be restricted by banking or check-cashing services' hours.

Mr. Payroll offers other benefits besides convenience. Consumers only pay a base rate of 1% on payroll and government checks. This makes Mr. Payroll the lowest check cashing service in the nation.

Another benefit to using the Mr. Payroll automated machines is that consumers have complete privacy. They can take care of the whole transaction themselves. They never have to show their check to a store employee or a teller. It only takes seconds for the machine to cash the check and dispense the check amount (minus the 1% charge) in both currency and coins. This is a quick and inconspicuous check cashing method. It allows customers to serve themselves without the assistance of an employee. Although not a common issue, this eliminates staffing and security concerns. All customers receive efficient financial service when they use an automated Mr. Payroll machine. The greatest part of all this is the fact that every check is 100% guaranteed.

How Much Is The Franchise Investment And What Does It Include?

Each Mr. Payroll franchise requires the following: an initial investment of about $35,000 to $45,000 and operating capital within the range of $50,000 and $70,000 (exact amount would depend on the projected business volume). Consumers can find detailed information regarding anticipated costs in the Mr. Payroll Franchise Disclosure Document, which is required by the Federal Trade Commission and by some state regulations. Customers may be wondering what services are included in the initial investment. Some items are the franchise fee, all equipment, the proprietary computer, and the system and software. Additionally, fixtures, furniture, initial supplies, and the site evaluation are also included. However, that's not all. The demographic survey, permanent signage (indoor and outdoor), access to Cashier Training Academy, a grand opening promotion, on site business consulting, as well as start-up assistance, are all included in the initial fee. The development plan outlines the exact cost for such items for their site.

Must I Own A Convenience Store To Purchase A Franchise?

The simple answer is no. Customers can take advantage of a Mr. Payroll franchise opportunity without owning a convenience store. Many Mr. Payroll franchisees operate out of convenience stores that they do not own themselves.

What Services Do I Receive From Mr. Payroll After The Grand Opening?

Mr. Payroll invests in their success. Mr. Payroll provides a free monthly Cashier Training Academy. Customers also have access to a toll free 800 line that they can call whenever they have questions or need advice. Furthermore, the Mr. Payroll proprietary system includes current upgrades, and customers can take advantage of the Mr. Payroll Help Desk Tech Support Center if they have any operational or technical questions. Each franchisee receives a monthly current operations report as well as a historical trend report that covers up to three years of business progress.

Does Mr. Payroll Operate Company Owned Check Cashing Outlets?

Yes. Mr. Payroll currently owns and operates five company-owned centers in the Fort Worth area. These Mr. Payroll centers use the same computer system and procedures as the franchisees. If customers would like information on a Mr. Payroll franchise, please visit