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Money Mart offers a multitude of financial services to consumers with the focus on putting people before profits. Money Mart operates with the objectives of maintaining the highest standards in the industry for convenience, customer service, and top-notch financial services and products. Money Mart provides easy access to services that many people need every day including check cashing, wire transfers, and short-term loan services.

Money Mart Background

From its entrepreneurial beginnings in Edmonton, Alberta back in 1982, the founders of Money Mart could see the push towards convenience and service in the financial industry. To accommodate this rising trend, Money Mart began opening new offices in easily accessible locations and staying open beyond traditional business hours. Money Mart has always been and will continue to be committed to earning the trust of its customers through constantly exceeding their expectations in all aspects of business.

Money Mart has seen continuous growth since that small beginning. By 1994, there were more than 100 branches between franchises and corporate offices. Six short years later, in 2000, Money Mart had exceeded 200 locations. Now there are more than 350 offices throughout Canada. In 1996, the original Money Mart was purchased from the founders by Dollar Financial Group, Inc. This group owns the largest international network of financial service locations worldwide. Dollar Financial Group has over 1,335 associated offices throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, including Money Mart.

Money Mart is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia and oversees all North American operations from there. Money Mart employs more than 2,000 Canadian citizens in their Canadian stores. This makes Money Mart one of Canada's most prominent short-term financial services. Money Mart is also a convenient money service provider for customers with over 325 locations operating in the United States. The professional staff of Money Mart can help customers, whether customers need a check cashed, emergency cash until payday, or a wire transfer. Money Mart's friendly and courteous team members are waiting to help customers at each of the company's locations during convenient extended hours.

Money Mart Customers

Thousands of Americans visit Money Mart every day for the wide selection of financial services and products. Money Mart customers express their appreciation of the excellent personal service they receive at each locations. Surveys of the Money Mart customer base reveal that the top three reasons people use Money Mart are the fast service, conveniently located branches, and the extended business hours.

The primary market base of Money Mart is everyday hardworking people with most being in the skilled trade, service, and clerical sectors. The average Money Mart customer is 35 years old, with 77% of customers being younger than 45 years old. In many regions, Money Mart customers require simple financial services that are not being serviced by the traditional financial institutions.

Contacting Money Mart

Money Mart
1355 South 4700 West, Suite 200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104-4431

Phone: 1-888-202-9026
Fax: 1-800-955-2799