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In 1997 Golden Title Loans opened for business at its 1538 Getwell Street in Memphis, Tennessee. Golden Title Loans is also known as 745-CASH. At the present moment, Golden Title Loans has eleven businesses located throughout the area of Memphis, which are there to better serve Golden Title Loans customers. Golden Title Loans offers a comfortable and secure atmosphere so that any questions or concerns customers have can be answered quickly and easily.

Golden Title Loans is dedicated to getting customers approved better than its competitors. Golden Title Loans will do its best to look at not just their current situation, but the "big picture" as well. This means that customers may not be turned down for a cash advance because of bad credit, and Golden Title Loans will also try and verify any missing information for customers if it has the means to. Golden Title Loans wants to help make customer's experience with Golden Title Loans the best possible business encounter. Golden Title Loans is dedicated to making customers happy. This means being there for customers in their time of financial need, and also completing the loan application as soon as possible. The best part of Golden Title Loans service is that is possible to extend loans, so that customers are in charge of the timeframe that they need to pay it back in. The policy of Golden Title Loans is to be friendly, courteous and a great provider of customer service. This way, Golden Title Loans customers become repeat customers, and will go on to tell their family and friends about their experience.

Golden Title Loans is there for customers when they need money and need it as quickly as possible.

Are There Credit Checks To Receive A Loan?

No, Golden Title Loans does not check a person's credit history.

Will A Loan With Golden Title Loans Improve A Customer's Credit?

For those who take care to handle their loan in the right way, Golden Title Loans will gladly offer a good reference to anyone who asks.

Privacy Issues

When customers use Golden Title Loans, they can be sure that their personal information will never be given out to anyone.

Business Hours

For customers' convenience, Golden Title Loans stores are open from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday.

Types of Loans Available

The type of loan that customers choose will depend on their monetary needs at the time. Many people only need a small amount, such as $50.00 to $200.00 to get them through to next payday. A payday loan would fit this scenario. If customers need a larger amount, such as $100.00 to $2,500.00, with a longer repayment plan, then a car title loan may be what customers need.

When Will The Money Arrive?

Money may get to customers in as little as 20 minutes. To speed up this process, customers should fill out the information sheet and fax it to Golden Title Loans , along with a copy of their current driver's license.

Will Customers Be Turned Down Because Of A Bankruptcy?

This is where the big picture outlook comes into play. At Golden Title Loans, customers will not necessarily be turned down for a payday loan because of a prior bankruptcy on their record.