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FastBucks Loan, What's That ?

The FastBucks payday loan system is a way for people to secure much needed short-term cash. Payday loans or payday cash advances are usually taken out for relatively small sums, usually from $100 to $500 and should generally be paid back within a period of just a few days. FastBucks' fees are usually not as expensive as writing a bad check or even having to pay late fees for utilities or your rent, and it is definitely a lot more convenient than coming home to find that utilities have been cut off.

How Does a Customer Get Pre-Approved For FastBucks?

Customers can be pre approved for as much as $200 if they can meet these straightforward requirements.

  • Customers need to bring in at least $1200 minimum per month from their jobs.
  • Customers need to have been employed at their current place of work for a minimum of 12 weeks.
  • Customers need to have lived at their current address for a minimum of 12 weeks.
  • Customers need an active bank account in their own name, which must be printed on their checks; the account needs to be a minimum of 12 weeks old (By active, the account must have been used in the normal fashion, with few NSF's.)
  • Customers need to be able to have access to a fax machine.
  • Customers need to have their paycheck direct deposited into their bank checking account.
  • Customers need to be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Customers need to have not been delinquent on a previous payday loan.

How Do One Get A FastBucks Loan?

Fill in the easy on-line application.
Then fax the following documents to FastBucks:

  • A full bank statement
  • A recent pay slip
  • Copy of a valid state issued ID
  • A voided check
  • Recent telephone bill

What Does FastBucks Do Next?

FastBucks will look through the customer's application and documents and review the details. In just one hour, a customer service representative will phone the applicant to confirm the details of the application. FastBucks will then fax the actual loan agreement. Customers just need to sign the agreement and then fax the form back to FastBucks.

Customers may be concerned that FastBucks will check their credit history.

FastBucks never checks a customer's credit history; all FastBucks checks is a data sharing service that is information shared only by payday loan companies. It is possible that FastBucks will use the TeleCheck service, which looks at a customer's check writing history.

Is the Information Given to FastBucks Available to Anyone Else?

FastBucks never shares information for marketing purposes with any other company, so customers will not receive those annoying telesales calls due to providing information to FastBucks.

How Fast Can One Get FastBucks?

If a customer is quick about sending the loan agreement back to FastBucks by fax, the cusomter should get cash in the account the very next business day. The deadline for next day deposit is 2 PM CST.

How much will a customer pay back?

The fees from FastBucks are just $6 per $100 for three days. The fee will be worked out based on the length of loan as well as the amount of cash that a customer needs. Take a look at the APR Disclosure

What are the options when a loan is due?

Customers can choose to do nothing, and FastBucks will debit their bank account on the due date for the full amount owed. If preferred, FastBucks will debit the account for just the current interest due, which will automatically extend the due date of the loan. If customers are up to date with the current interest, they can prepay as much as they would like off the loan amount.

Can a customer apply in person, or ask for more cash?

FastBucks' limit for Internet transactions is $200 for the first loan. If customers don't want to fill out the application online, they can also phone in their application. FastBucks customer service number is Toll Free (877) 329-1604. Their office locations can offer larger amounts of cash, but with slightly different rules. If customers would like to go in person to a store, they can click button below to find the nearest store.

Contact FastBucks

Customers may still have questions about a payday advance, car title loan, or other service. If so, they can contact FastBucks using one of the methods below. FastBucks is there to help customers with their payday advance or any other FastBucks service.

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