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Check Into Cash first served Cleveland, Tennessee in 1993. With the rapid expansion of Check Into Cash, the first ever office became the corporate headquarters, controlling the operations through the United States. Check Into Cash's headquarters features two buildings with a combined area of 70,000 square feet located in the Village Green Town Center.

Check Into Cash was the first to champion payday advance services to help borrowers find quick cash conveniently. Check Into Cash believes in simplicity in operations and transaction process to help their clients get the best service possible. With Check Into Cash, a cash advance customer will only need to issue a check payable to the company and taken from a personal checking account. With this feature, quick cash is provided to customers hassle-free! Customers only need to pay a one-time flat fee and they can get their funds in a QUICK, EASY & CONFIDENTIAL manner.

Since the idea for a payday advance service started, customers have found good use for it. Thus, this financial instrument is well received where Check Into Cash sets up shop. The average Check Into Cash client is usually those who might find a shortage in cash or need more money for short-term expenses.

Check Into Cash have highly trained personnel ready to provide a host of options for their clients. Check Into Cash is also a source of attractive career opportunities all over the world. This cash service is predicated on comfort and convenience. Check Into Cash never fails to bring quick, easy, and confidential cash. We are proud of what we have accomplished as a professional financial service company in the payday advance, payday lending, and cash advance industry. We make sure that our presence brings a positive value to the community.

Check Into Cash is open from 10 am to 6pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday), and open from 10 am to 3 pm during Saturdays.

Contact Check Into Cash

Check Into Cash, Inc.
Customer Service Department
P.O. Box 550
Cleveland, TN 37364-0550

Check Into Cash has a toll-free support hot line. All you have to do is dial 877-262-CASH to connect to the office nearest to you. Alternatively, call the general service hotline at 800-504-9101. Visit the Check Into Cash website at for more details on our cash advance procedures and rates.

How Do I Get A Cash Advance From Check Into Cash?

Finding a cash advance has never been easier with Check Into Cash. You can still avail of our financial services even if you have difficulty finding credit or if you have bad credit in the past. Just go to one of our 1,230 business centers nationwide and write a personal check equivalent to the amount that you wish to borrow and the payday loan fee.

It would be wise to bring supporting documents to accomplish your application faster. These may include a state or federally issued picture ID, the most recent checking account statement, and a proof of income. You can bring your most recent pay slip as your proof of income.

Check Into Cash will hold your personal check until the next payday. During this time, you can start paying off your loan. Since the loans in Check Into Cash are generally low, you can come in and payoff the payday advance in person. We do not force our borrowers to deposit the check that they wrote, unless it is required by state law. Ultimately, we work to get the cash advance that you need.

Check Into Cash is also here for you when you change your mind in getting a cash advance or a payday loan. If you take out a loan with us, you have until the end of the next business day to cancel your loan transaction, and you do not have to pay a fee to get your loan rescinded.

Check Into Cash believes in non-traditional means in reviewing the applications of our clients. We do not employ the usual credit reporting agencies and we have a different set of credit underwriting guidelines. Even if you have a bad credit rating or facing bankruptcy, we are still here ready to consider your application. Give a call to one of our consultants so that we can discuss your situation.

Does Check Into Cash Review My Credit Rating In Addition To My Application?

No. Check Into Cash does not use the usual reporting agencies in reviewing your application since we have a different set of methods in dealing with our borrowers. In some of our branches, we employ TeleTrack or Veritec during the evaluation process. Therefore, even if you are in a bad credit situation, we are the most likely store that can help you.

What Could Happen If I Do Not Pay The Necessary Amount Of My Payday Loan On My Due Date?

Both parties surely hope that this will not happen. However, Check Into Cash is committed in collecting your past due accounts in a professional, ethical, fair, and lawful manner. If we deposit your check and the bank returned it due to insufficient funds, you may be given a penalty based on current state law. Your bank may also charge an NSF fee for your returned check and may revoke your checking privileges. After which, you are responsible for paying your loan in full, including the charge on the returned check. We will contact you to collect the amount due, or refer you to a collection agency if deemed appropriate.

Where Can I Leave Feedback Or Suggestions, And Where Do I Go If An Issue Arises?

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Your input is the driving force of our improved services. We believe in providing friendly and excellent customer service and receive very few customer complaints. If you have an issue not resolved by your Center Manager, you can call our Customer Comment Line at 1-800-504-9101 or email us at [email protected]. We will be waiting to resolve your concerns.

(In the unlikely chance that there is an issue that we cannot resolve from both sides, our Agreement provides that you can take the issue to a small claims court or request arbitration. A neutral third party will hear both sides of the issue and make a binding decision)

Does Check Into Cash Have An Online Application Form?

Yes. Check Into Cash has an online facility for loan applications supported by our subsidiary Our online services our fully secure based on current Internet security standards and encryption. However, we only offer the online facility in 17 states. If we cannot give you your online credit needs, we will work with other credit providers who may be able to give you what you need. To know the 17 states where we have an online service, refer to our state licenses and fees page. Visit their privacy policy online at